Jasmine Rice

Friday, August 23, 2013

My favorite method to cook jasmine rice is using Kasma's Loha-unchit steaming method. Once you learn the method, it is easy and cooks in just 25 minutes. The recipe is available on her site.

Note: The amount of water that you need depends on the type of bowl you use for steaming. So the first time you follow this method, you have to guess how much water to use. Your rice will be too soggy if there is too much boiling water and too dry there is too little boiling water. Adjust the water level next time accordingly. For my bowl, I find that covering the rice with boiling water up to three-quarters of an inch above the rice line is way too much; I cover the rice with 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch of boiling water. If you only make a small amount of rice (0.75 cups = 1 rice cooker cups), then the water level should be even closer to the top of the rice since there is much less volume (e.g. cover by 1/4 inch or so). It is best to try this method a few times for yourself to figure out the best water level before making it for company; after that you'll easily be able to make perfect rice.

Surprisingly, jasmine rice was only discovered around 1950. More information on the history of jasmine rice is available here: part 1 part 2.

So far I've been using the Golden Phoenix brand jasmine rice.

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