Cake Decorated with Mango, Kiwi, and Blueberries

Monday, February 04, 2013

I didn't make this cake or the frosting, but I did the fruit decorations.  First I peeled the fruit using a (thankfully) not very sharp knife (it did slip twice and hit my hand but it didn't cut me).  The mango was cut with a technique that is new to me.  Instead of cutting off two large lobes off the broad fleshy side, I cut into the entire intact mango towards the seed on each broad side at a slight angle, and cut out crescent shaped mango slices (similar to this type of cut, except with more of a curve).  I kept the mango slices and the kiwi slices in the same order that they were cut in, so that they would look even and orderly on the cake.

Before putting the fruit on the cake, I tested out the arrangement on a plate since I figured that the fruit would be hard to rearrange once the fruit was on the frosting.  This strategy turned out really well, since I could choose how to place everything using the plate and figure out how far apart the mango slices should be.

Deep Fried Shan Tofu (Chickpea Fries)

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Recipe: "Pale Yellow Shan Tofu" and "Deep Fried Shan Tofu" from "Burma: Rivers of Flavor" by Naomi Duguid
Rating: Great! We liked the smooth creamy texture of the Shan tofu, and I really liked the sauce.
Status: Made once

This fried shan tofu is the same thing as chickpea fries.

Additional Notes: I salted the tofu immediately after they were fried.  I served this with homemade ponzu sauce since we had some leftover and homemade kecap manis, but we actually liked them plain best.

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