Crawfish Etouffee

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Recipe: "Crawfish Etouffee" from "Real Cajun" by Donald Link. The other dish in the picture is collard greens with ham hocks.
Rating: Great.
Status: Made once.

Recipe is available in "Real Cajun" by Donald Link.

Additional Notes:

This is actually quick and easy if you have a food processor to cut up all the vegetables.

I made 1/2 the recipe, which was enough for two meals for the two of us. I used frozen crawfish tails (since fresh crawfish wasn't available) and substituted an equal amount of butter for the crawfish fat.

William thought it was a bit spicy (he has a low spice tolerance). For him, next time I make this, I'd possibly leave out the jalapeño or reduce it; though the jalapeño does give more depth in the spiciness, so it is a great addition for those that can take the heat.

When I first made the dish, the recommended amount of flour didn't quite thicken my étouffée enough. It should be the consistency of a thick gravy. If you need to thicken it after the stock has been added, be sure to stir the flour in a little cup with some of the sauce before adding it into the dish--otherwise the flour gets clumpy and will be difficult to dissolve into the sauce.

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