Japanese Seasoned Salmon Flakes

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Recipe: "Seasoned Salmon Flakes" from "Washoku: Recipes from the Japanese Home Kitchen" by Elizabeth Andoh
Rating: Great! I love this recipe.
Status: Made several times.

These salmon flakes can be used as a stuffing for Onigiri (Rice Balls) or to make "Rice Tossed with Salmon Flakes" (recipe also in "Washoku"). Once made, the salmon flakes last for about a week; these are nice to have in your fridge to make impromptu snacks or to dress up plain rice.

The recipe for these salmon flakes is available in "Washoku" by Elizabeth Andoh.

Additional notes:

In this recipe, either you can salt cure your own fresh salmon or you can use salted salmon.

I found that the seasonings in this recipe were too light. I recommend increasing the seasonings, the sweet ones (sake, mirin or sugar) and salty (soy sauce) to taste. I like my salmon flakes to be slightly sweet, with a noticeable salty taste.

I used regular soy sauce instead of light soy sauce; regular soy sauce will slightly darken the color of the salmon flakes to dark pink; light or white soy sauce should help to maintain the pink color. When I made these flakes, 2.5 oz of salted salmon needed 3 tsp of soy sauce (I used regular soy).

In additional to onigiri, the salmon flakes are also really nice mixed into rice, similar to "Rice Tossed with Salmon Flakes" from "Washoku" by Elizabeth Andoh. For my version, I didn't measure the ingredients. Just before serving (so that the toasted sesame seeds stay crispy, and the green herbs/scallions stay fresh), I mixed in some salmon flakes, toasted sesame seeds, minced scallion (julienned shiso leaves or dill springs was suggested but I substituted scallion), and a small pinch of salt (not enough to make the rice salty; I kept it still fairly bland so that it would contrast with the other dishes I served it with). This rice dish is very nice, and it is much faster to make than rice balls. I was surprised that the rice is subtly different in flavor than the rice balls with salmon flakes.

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